ESG Information Index

The following table provides a list of our sustainability initiatives from each of the ESG perspectives for ESG research companies.


Topic Location
Top commitment Message from the President on Sustainability
Group Mission, Vision and Values Group Mission, Vision and Values
Sustainability Management Sustainability Management
Materiality Material Issues
Stakeholder Communication Initiatives for Stakeholders
Participation in External Initiatives Participation in External Initiatives
Sustainability Reporting Sustainability Reports


Topic Location
Basic policy Vision and Group Action Principles for Environmental Initiatives
Climate Change Initiatives Climate Change Initiatives: Response to TCFD
Environmental Date Sustainability Data
Verification by Third Parties Independent Verification Report


Topic Location
Human Capital Development / Diversity Diversity Diversity and Inclusion
Employee Training and Education Employment and Training
Personnel and Labor Data Sustainability Data
Occupational Health and Safety Health and Safety Developing an Accommodating Work Environment
Work Life Balance Developing an Accommodating Work Environment
Labor Management Relations Trade Union
Responsibility to Customers Customer Satisfaction
Local Communities Quality Assurance Promotion Securing Regional and Social Sustainability
Management of Conflict of Interest Sustainability Data
Financial Inclusion Livelihood Stability through Insurance
Social Contribution Activities Social Contribution Activities


Topic Location
Governance Corporate Governance Basic Approach to Corporate Governance
Board of Directors List of directors
Compliance Compliance
Anti-Corruption Compliance
Management of Conflict of Interest Outline of Policy for the Management of Conflict of Interest
Whistle-blowing System Employment and Training
Risk Management Risk Management
Information Security
Personal Information Protection Privacy Policy (Handling of Personal Information)
Tax Disclosure Internal Control over Financial Reporting
Human Rights Respecting Human Rights
Supply Chain Management Trade Practices
Responsible Investment Responsibility as Institutional Investor