Well-being for current & future generations
The Dai-ichi Life Group aims to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society and the sustainable growth of our business.
In line with this aspiration, we will contribute to the “Improvement of the Well-being for current & future generations” through the co-creation of our business and the creation of social value for material issues.

Core Materiality

Around the world, the adverse effects of climate change and natural disasters are becoming more severe, and the sustainability of society itself is becoming a major issue. In this context, sustainability - leaving a livable planet for future generations to live with peace of mind - has become a key concept for all stakeholders.
With this in mind, we have identified 4 areas: “Financial Well-being for All”, “Healthy people and society”, “Environment Leadership”, “Proactive Governance” as our “Core Materiality” and work on the solutions through our business.

Realize a sustainable society

Financial Well-being
for All

Financial Well-being for All
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Issues the world is facing

The world is facing a rapid population growth, which poses a number of challenges.
While the middle-income class is expanding, particularly in Asia, income inequality is rising.
Increasing individual satisfaction with income and improving skills related to asset management are emerging as issues, especially in OECD countries. The provision of financial services is of growing importance as it may help solve these challenges.
In Japan, there is an increasing need for asset formation for retirement and asset succession to pass on across generations against the backdrop of an aging society with a declining birthrate. As the population is expected to continue to decline, it is also becoming increasingly important to respect the diverse lifestyles of each individual.

Our Aspiration

We are going to provide a wider range of insurance-related services with two core areas of “Protection” and “Asset Formation/Asset Succession” as the global insurance group. In “Protection” area, we will support people's life in a case of urgent need, and in “Asset Formation/Asset Succession” area, we will build assets for the future and pass on success to the next generation.
In addition, we will promote insurance to a wide range of people through the development of a diverse range of products, including microinsurance, in the regions where we have a presence overseas.
By providing comprehensive financial services, we contribute to the realization of Financial Well-being for all people.

Healthy People and

Healthy People and Society
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Issues the world is facing

In order to build a society in which all people can live better, it is essential to provide them with opportunities to fulfill their life and work satisfaction through connection to society, so as to stabilize the foundation of the social system in an inclusive way.
In the global world, more people acknowledge the need to control infectious diseases. In addition, social systems are long overdue to ensure that all people lead healthy lives.
The spread of financial education as a base to support improving the level of healthcare and financial services, is one of the main issues for these challenges.
Looking at Japan, prolonging healthy life expectancy is incrementing its demand.
Healthy life expectancy means not only physical well-being, but also mental well-being.
To sustainably prolong healthy life expectancy, it is essential to create an environment in which individuals can feel connected to society and achieve their own life satisfaction.

Our Aspiration

We aim to contribute to enhancing the meaning of life at many stages, including work, family and community. We also support our customers and local communities so that they can live with peace of mind, regardless of age or living area.
And as a financial institution, we strive to create a more inclusive society through our efforts to promote financial education.
In addition, by fully playing our role as a responsible institutional investor in promoting industry and creating innovation towards a sustainable society through the power of finance, we aim to contribute to the Well-being of each individual and a healthy society from the perspective of both an insurance company and an institutional investor.


Environmental Leadership
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Issues the world is facing

With the loss of natural capital and biodiversity and the increasing damage caused by natural disasters, decarbonization and realization of a circular economy have become key global issues.
On a global scale, the increasing demand for energy in developing and emerging countries makes it imperative to shift to sustainable energy sources to mitigate climate change. It is important to support economic growth and social development while minimizing the impact of climate change through international investment, cooperation in climate-related funds, and the development of joint programs.
Given Japan's low level of energy self-sufficiency, it is necessary to strengthen preparedness for natural disasters caused by climate change and to secure stable and sustainable energy sources.

Our Aspiration

We recognize that environmental issues such as climate change and biodiversity are pivotal management issues that can have a significant impact on the lives and health of our customers, the operation of our business and the sustainability of society.
As a global insurance group, we will continue our own efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and strengthen our efforts to reduce emissions in cooperation and collaboration with the companies in which we invest and finance, through proactive engagement, transition finance and impact finance.
We will also participate in domestic and international initiatives such as GFANZ (Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero) and actively promote global opinion exchange and contribution to rule-making.

Proactive Governance
& Engagement

Proactive Governance & Engagement
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Issues the world is facing

Business ethics and governance systems are more important than ever in a society where racism, corruption is on the rise.
The world is demanding consideration of human rights, and respect for human rights in the supply chain has become a top priority for industry. There are also calls for improved cyber security, corporate governance based on international rules, and greater transparency and disclosure of corporate activities.
In Japan, in addition to global issues, there is a growing need to promote DE&I to further promote the activities of foreign people, women and people with disabilities.

Our Aspiration

We will continue to strengthen and deepen the Group's corporate governance to meet the expectations of our stakeholders, achieve a sustainable growth and increase shareholder value over the medium to long term.
We also respect the human rights of all stakeholders in our business, including our supply chain, such as customers, suppliers and employees. In addition, we will promote the development of an organization that makes the most of diverse personalities and maximizes and enhances their abilities, thereby increasing individual job satisfaction.
Through these efforts, we will build a resilient management foundation that deserves to be recognized by a society as a leading company in sustainability.

Message from CSuO

A message from our Chief Sustainability Officer (CSuO) regarding our approach and efforts in sustainability.

Message from CSuO

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