Health Promotion

Our Vision

To solve social issues such as "increased medical expenses" and "widening the gap between life expectancy and healthy life expectancy," we will take on the challenge of commercializing efforts that contribute to the prevention of pre-symptomatic illness and the control of aggravation of each individual.

Issues / Background

"Well-being" is made up of three forms of happiness: Physical, spiritual and social. Undoubtedly, it is health that serves as the door leading to well-being, and the overarching premise for making it a reality. In Japan, there is a tendency for people to seek treatment at medical facilities after they have developed symptoms of illness or the risk of those symptoms to worsen has grown. It is largely owing to the National Insurance System and relatively accessible medical resources compared to other countries. Once an illness worsens, medical treatment costs generally grow considerably. Currently, however, the habit of preventing symptoms before they occur or worsen has not sufficiently taken root. Due to developments in medical technology and the nation's aging society, medical costs assumed by government and health insurance associations are increasing year on year. Moreover, life expectancy is getting longer with every passing year, yet healthy lifespan is falling to keep up with that life expectancy growth, resulting in an enlarged gap between the two. We see this as one of the most serious social issues that Japan faces. The benefit of life insurance manifests itself "when people cease to be healthy," when they pass away or become sick or injured. Till now, Dai-ichi Life Group has offered protection for times "when people cease to be healthy" through life insurance products.

Presence of Risks of Lifestyle-Related Diseases According to Age Group(%)

However, I want us to contribute to the resolution of social issues such as increasing medical costs and the growing gap between life expectancy and healthy lifespan by safeguarding people's health. Going forward, we will explore solutions for early recognition of future health related risks and provide a seamless platform for easy access to the right medical facilities as a preventive measure or treatment.
While providing experiential values that help prevent symptoms before they occur and worsen in cooperation wit companies in the health and medical care sectors as well and modifying people's habits by promoting shifts in their awareness and behavior, we will contribution to the protection of people's health. The adoption of online means of doing things to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic has progressed at a rapid pace. We believe that adoption coupled with digitalization will also bring considerable progress in the health and medical care domains going forward. Additionally, with the Japanese government considering to increase the amount of fees for initial medical examinations at large hospitals, local medical clinics and other similar facilities will play an increasingly important role in the early diagnosis and treatment before illness symptoms worsen. While accommodating such rapid changes, Dai-ichi Life Group will collectively contribute to the realization of people's well-being through the creation of value in the health and medical care domains.

Health Checkup Discount

Dai-ichi Life's "Health Checkup Discount" is a life insurance industry-first*1 system that offers a discount simply for submitting the results of a health checkup when buying a life insurance policy, and approximately 80%*2 of policies so far have the "Health Checkup Discount" applied. The discount does not reward only healthy people, but all policyholders who get a health checkup, creating the opportunity for customers to become aware of their health, including the importance of early detection and early treatment of diseases and improvement of lifestyle habits.

  • *1
    Research by Dai-ichi Life in February 2018. A product that applies a discount to the insurance premium for submission of the specified health checkup results is a first for the life insurance industry.
  • *2
    Calculated using policies eligible for the inclusion of a health checkup discount rider from launch until June 19, 2020 as the denominator.
Health Checkup Discount

Kenko Daiichi (health first) App

Using the Kenko Daiichi app, which supports health promotion, it is possible to perform a future "Disease Risk Check" by reading the results of a health checkup with a smartphone and answering questions about health condition and lifestyle habits.
In addition, the Kenko Daiichi app for preventing dementia*3, an exclusive service for dementia insurance, provides prevention programs and cognitive function checks, including the "Neurotrack Cognitive Function Test," which makes judgements based on movements of the eyes when looking at the screen.
We are using these kinds of cutting-edge technologies to provide services that contribute to promoting health and prevention.

  • *3
    The service does not provide a medical basis for diagnosis related to diseases such as dementia or determine that the user is healthy. The results of the service are not used as data when diagnosing the presence of absence of such diseases. Moreover, the service has neither obtained approval or certification as a medical device, nor been filed as such.
Kenko-Daiichi App

「Health Sense」「Health Sense Plus」

Health Sense Plus

Health Sense, a service offered by TAL, was developed to promote the health of Australians by discounting insurance premiums by up to 15% if BMI on buying the insurance policy is within the standard value (between 19.0 and 28.0). In addition, Health Sense Plus, is a service which applies a 5% discount to insurance premiums for two years for having a preventive screening test if one meets certain conditions. TAL is supporting health promotion and promoting the extension of healthy lifespan in Australia by providing Health Sense and Health Sense Plus.

TOPIC~Medical cost control support service for health insurance associations~

Receiving the DH1 Grand Prize Excellence Award Receiving the DH1
Grand Prize Excellence Award

While many health insurance associations (hereinafter "associations") recognize the challenge posed by increasing medical costs, they are also concerned about the effect of the implemented measures on medical costs control and how they can make their operations more efficient. An additional headwind is the spread of COVID-19, that is accompanied with new challenges such as restrictions on conventional face-to-face health guidance and the lack of exercise among association members.

In such circumstances, to resolve the challenges faced by associations, Dai-ichi Life Group and the Mizuho Group joined forces to offer "Healstep SM,"a service that helps associations with the long-term control of medical costs and the efficient and effective operation of their public health business all with a single package, starting in April 2021. "Healstep SM" broadly consists of the following four services: (1) visualization of future risks of developing an illness and forecasts of medical costs using AI, (2) formulation of a response policy based on visualized data, (3) assistance with online health guidance and other matters in cooperation with service providers, and (4) facilitation of behavior changes such as lifestyle improvements through a health promotion app for association members.
At the "Data Health Prevention Service Trade Fair 2020" sponsored by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, which was held in December 2020, the health insurance associations, local governments, companies, etc. who visited the event recognized us with an "Excellence Award" as an exhibitor who has excellent solutions and services, expressing their wish to use our service.

PDCA cycle

Support long-term and stable operation of health insurance associations.

Nobuhiko Kawai, Line Manager, Corporate Planning Dept., Dai-ichi Life Nobuhiko Kawai,
Line Manager,
Corporate Planning Dept.,
Dai-ichi Life

While "Healstep SM" is a long-term effort with health insurance associations to control medical costs, the ultimate goal is when "each member of health insurance association is healthy and energetic." We are confident that this business has a high affinity with the life insurance business, which the Group has been involved in as a "lifelong partner." To protect the health of association members even in 5 and 10 years down the road and to contribute to the stable operation of the health insurance association, in addition to responding to current issues, we will continue to evolve in line with the times and meet the expectations of our customers.