Status of Initiatives on Material Issues

Results for 2020 unless otherwise noted

  Materiality Ideal figure Main initiatives Results
Creating 4 Experiential Values through our business Livelihood stability through insurance
Livelihood stability through insurance
Elimination of the protection gap Creating experiential values for customers, including young people and working-age population Accelerating product development that will lead to expansion of the customer base at each group company graph
Livelihood Stability through Insurance
Spread of insurance in emerging Asian countries With the start of operations of a subsidiary in Myanmar in September 2020, we are expanding our business to seven Asian countries.
Initiatives for microinsurance
Sense of security in later life
Sense of security in later life
Extending asset longevity Asset formation / Succession over the lifetime of customers Expanding unique products and services for asset formation
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Investment education and operational support through robo-advisor function (for companies adopting DC plans)
DC Supplement App introduce at 47 companies* (about 100K DC plan members)
Extending asset longevity
Consumer education / financial insurance education support Number of life cycle games
  • Free distribution:3,588
  • Number of business trip classes :51(The number of participants:2,224)
Promote health for all
Promote health for all
Extension of healthy lifespan Providing medical cost control support services for health insurance associations Number of organizations introduced: 8 Health insurance associations (total number of members: about 300,000) (as of 2021.11)
Health Promotion
Number of health insurance associations that we provide "Healstep", a medical expense control support service for health insurance associations -
Building a safe & secure community
Building a safe & secure community
Enhancement of mental well-being Contribute to solving various regional issues through about 40,000 lifelong design designers nationwide and about 1,300 bases Concluded agreements with all 47 prefectures nationwide
The conclusion of agreements with municipalities is also expanding.
Efforts to eliminate waiting-list children Number of nursery school invitations (2021.11)
Number of invitations / investments:51
Number of children that can be accepted:3029
Investing in student condominiums and licensed day care centers through real estate investment funds (Japanese only) (314KB) PDF
Optimal experiential value that meet customer needs
Optimal experiential value that meet customer needs
Improve customer loyalty Improving customer satisfaction Aim for the following levels by 2026
NPS® (Customer Recommendation): Top Level in Japan (Dai-ichi Life) *5
Number of customers (total of domestic business): 12 million in total (results at the end of 2020.3: 11.5 million)
Strengthening response to diverse values / lifestyles throughout society Environment Responding to climate change
Responding to climate change
Achieve carbon neutral to ensure the sustainability of the global environment Reduction of group CO2 emissions (Scope 1+2)

Emissions as an operating company (group): 129,600 t-CO2 (▲ 7% compared to the previous year)
Sustainability Data

Improving efficiency of energy use and promoting clean energy
Improving efficiency of energy use and promoting clean energy
Reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the investment portfolio Actual emissions as an institutional investor (Dai-ichi Life): Approximately 6.64 million t-CO2e (as of the end of March 2020, the total value of listed stocks, corporate bonds, and real estate scope 1 + 2)

Climate Change Initiatives: Response to TCFD

Supporting the transition to a low-carbon society and the creation of environmental innovation Climate change solution investment: Cumulative investment amount of about 320 billion yen
Responsible Investment Report(4,407KB) PDF
People Empowerment of women
Empowerment of women
Maximize the potential of each individual to realize the success of a diverse people Promotion of women's advancement Ratio of female managers: 27.5% (*1)
Respecting to human rights for all
Responding to human rights for everyone
Promoting the success of people with disabilities Employment rate of persons with disabilities: 2.22% (*2)
Respect for human rights Implementation of human rights due diligence
Respecting Human Rights
Creating job satisfaction
Creating job satisfaction
Creating a comfortable workplace Employee Satisfaction Survey (Comprehensive Index): 3.75 (*3)
Promotion of work-life management (*4) Number of childcare leave: 1,455
Number of short-time work users for childcare: 495
Number of childcare service expense subsidy users: 3,548
Number of people taking nursing care leave: 123
Family transfer system users: 61
Childcare leave acquisition rate for male employees: 91.4%
Average monthly overtime hours (internal work): 5.0 hours
Average number of days of annual paid leave taken: 12.3 days
Average annual paid leave acquisition rate: 64.0%
Percentage of exercise habits Male: 53.6% Female: 38.0%
Proper weight maintainer ratio Male: 67.8% Female: 73.9%
Smoking rate Male: 26.2% Female: 22.9%
Specific medical examination: 91.0%
Specific health guidance: 68.8%
Sustainability Data
Society Social contribution through responsible investment and financing
Contributing to society through responsible loans and investments
Expand investment and lending that contribute to creating a positive social impact Promotion of investment and financing to solve social issues ESG theme investment (Dai-ichi Life): Cumulative balance of approximately 800 billion yen
Positive impact of investment and financing (Dai-ichi Life) Contribution to greenhouse gas reduction: Approximately 800,000 tons (Target: projects with the theme of climate change such as renewable energy power generation projects and green bonds, which disclose impact) Number of beneficiaries in emerging countries: Approximately 500,000 (Target: projects that disclose impact in microfinance, agricultural support, and power supply projects in emerging countries)
Promotion of stewardship activities Held dialogues with 248 companies on the themes of governance, the environment, and social issues.
Responsible Investment Report(4,407KB) PDF
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