Vision and Group Action Principles for Environmental Initiatives

Our Vision

The Dai-ichi Life Group regards protection of the environment and the development of a recycling-oriented society as part of a company's social responsibility as a member of society. The Group makes a united effort to protect and preserve the environment, and to reduce our environmental impact. To achieve this, we have established a Group Environmental Action Policy, which has been enacted and revised in accordance with prescribed procedures. This policy is reported to the Board of Directors.

Group Action Principles for Environmental Initiatives

As a member of society, the Dai-ichi Life Group regards the protection of the global environment and the construction of a sound-cycle society as a corporate social responsibility. We will work together as a group to protect and conserve the environment and reduce the burden on the environment.

Basic Concept
As a member of society, Dai-ichi Life Group considers environmental preservation in local communities, global environmental protection including response to climate change, the maintenance of natural capital and biological diversity and building of a recycling-oriented society, to be part of the Company's social responsibility, and constantly conducts environmental conservation activities according to the Action Guidelines below, and by trying to improve the related activities we contribute to the sustainable development of the society.
Action Guidelines
1 Implementation of environmentally conscious activities in businesses
We will always make efforts to being environmentally conscious in our business activities, following laws and regulations related to environmental conservation.
2 Reduction of environmental impact from business activities
We make efforts to promoting resource conservation, energy conservation, decarbonization, resource recycling, and prevention of environmental pollution to reduce environmental impacts, arising from resources and energy consumed, and waste generated in our business activities.
3 Promotion of activities that raise environmental awareness
We will help our officers and employees raise awareness of environmental issues. In addition we will make efforts to raise environmental awareness including donations and support for environmental conservation activities.
4 Enhancement of environmental information disclosure and stakeholder engagement
We will set targets to guide our environmental activities and proactively disclose on an adequate and timely basis. We also believe in constructive dialogue with our stakeholders through collaboration and cooperation with diverse stakeholders and aim to resolve environmental issues.