Reducing Paper Usage

Reducing Paper Usage

The Dai-ichi Life group uses a large number of printed and other documents in its activities. Accordingly, it is taking steps, both company-wide and all the way down to the level of individual employees, to cut its consumption of resources by reducing use of paper, increasing use of recycled paper, promoting green procurement of business consumables and other materials, and encouraging the recycling of waste. In addition to use of projectors at company meetings to reduce the distribution of printed documents, Dai-ichi Life is also boosting efforts throughout the group aimed at reducing use of printer and copier paper, including the use of electronic documents in business processes and such voluntary reduction initiatives by executives and staff as making extensive use of double-sided copying and two-in-one printing.

Introduction of Paper Lab

In November 2019, Dai-ichi Life introduced SEIKO EPSON CORPORATION's "Paper Lab," the world's first dry office paper machine that can produce new paper from used paper without using water at the Dai-ichi Life Toyosu Headquarters.
By promoting the recycling of used paper in-house, Dai-ichi Life contributing to the reduction of paper waste, the reduction of new paper purchases, and the reduction of transportation CO2 related to disposal and collection. In addition, all recycling operations are completely outsourced to Dai-ichi Life Challenged Co. Ltd. (a special subsidiary) and promoted as a joint initiative with Dai-ichi Life.

Digitization of document work related to head office accounting

From April 2022, we plan to digitize accounting operations centered on the fields of expense application and travel expense application for 7,000 employees belonging to the Dai-ichi life's head office, etc. The purpose of this is to reduce our CO2 emissions by realizing flexible working styles for our employees and making our business paperless. Specifically, we will utilize the expense settlement / management cloud and the invoice management cloud. This will digitize the current paper-based business flow and reduce the work load such as paper application / stamping work and voucher paper storage. This initiative eliminates the need to print about 250,000 expense invoices and invoices annually. This promotes one of our goals to reduce Dai-ichi life's CO2 emissions in Scope 3. In addition, employees will be able to take pictures of vouchers with their smartphones and apply for expenses. Not only does this eliminate the need to store vouchers on paper, but it also allows you to apply for and approve expenses when teleworking or on the go without having to go to work. We will realize a flexible working style that does not limit the place where both the applicant and the superior work.