Trade Practices

At the Dai-ichi Life Group, we take the following initiatives for the purpose of promoting fair and equitable business dealings with suppliers and contractors of goods and services, and agents to build sound relationships.

Specific Initiatives

Initiatives for Contractors

At Dai-ichi Life, when selecting contractors, we evaluate them according to multiple perspectives, including information safety management and elimination of anti-social forces, and conduct site visits as required. And, once a year, we conduct a regular inspection of the contract details, as we strive to manage our outsource business properly and professionally.
For our work related to underwriting and maintaining insurance contracts, and our business duties, including printing and sending documents and forms to customers, the company outsources part of that to outside contractors.

Dialogue with contractors

The Dai-ichi Life Group attached a Sustainability Assessment Sheet to contracts as to improve the Group's corporate brand in the long-term including the supply chain. The Sustainability Assessment Sheet explains the Group's approach towards sustainability, including human rights, labor, the environment and anti-corruption, and asks for contractors' understanding and also assesses contractors' attitudes towards sustainability include whether they are a member of the United Nations Global Compact. Especially for bribery and corruption, when concluding a business consignment contract, we are required to include a clause prohibiting bribery and corruption in the contract.

Consideration for the Environment during Selection of Business Partners

Dai-ichi Life regularly conducts surveys of the environmental initiatives of our major business partners. And, in addition to installing environmentally-friendly OA equipment, we promote "Green Purchasing," which is the preferential purchasing of products that put little load on the environment. In addition to formulating our company's "Green Purchasing Guidelines," when purchasing office consumables, etc., as a rule, we purchase Green Purchasing-compatible products through our in-house bulk purchasing system.