Communication with Shareholders and Investors

The Dai-ichi Life Group is making the following efforts in order to disclose company information in a timely and appropriate manner and to use the useful opinions and requests grasped in dialogues with shareholders and investors as a reference for company management.

Dialogue with Shareholders and Investors

We are working to enhance dialogue with shareholders and investors through investor relations activities led by our executive management team. Opinions and requests obtained through investor relations activities are shared with the Executive Management Board and Board of Directors in an effort to enhance corporate value.

IR Events

Examples of specific activities (Fiscal 2020)

  • Management briefing on financial results for institutional investors and analysts (2 times)
  • Financial results teleconference (5 times)
  • Meetings with domestic institutional investors (79 times)
  • Meetings with overseas institutional investors (92 times)
  • Company briefings and seminars for individual investors (1 time)

Securing the Rights and Equal Treatment of Shareholders at the General Meeting of Shareholders (the "Meeting")

We recognize that the Meeting serves as a place for productive dialogue, and we are taking measures to develop an environment in which the rights of shareholders are ensured and appropriately exercised.

Shareholders' Meeting

Specific examples of activities

  • Prompt dispatch of convocation notices (three weeks prior to the Meeting) and website publication (approx. five weeks prior to the Meeting, including an English version)
  • Holding the Meeting on days and at times that avoid conflicting with shareholders' meetings of other companies
  • Adopting an electronic voting rights execution platform for institutional investors
  • Accepting questions in advance through the website and disclosing answers
  • Simultaneous streaming of the Meeting over the Internet
  • Prompt disclosure of summary minutes of the Meeting and the voting results
Shareholders' Meeting Shareholders' Meeting

Securing Appropriate Information Disclosure and Transparency

Securing Appropriate Information Disclosure and Transparency

In an effort to ensure management transparency, Dai-ichi Life Group discloses information in a fair, timely and appropriate manner following its Basic Information Disclosure Policy. In addition to statutory disclosure, we proactively disclose information on management, quantitative financial information, and non-financial information such as governance and medium to long-term corporate strategy in both Japanese and English.