Social Contribution Activities

Group Social Contribution Action Policy

The Dai-ichi Life Group has established the Dai-ichi Life Group Social Contribution Action Policy. The Group strives to solve social challenges by providing unique value mainly through the utilization of its unique know-how and resources.

Social Contribution Action Policy for the Dai-ichi Life Group

Establishment: October 1, 2016
Latest Revision: April 1, 2024

The Dai-ichi Life Group aims to grow sustainably together with society by contributing to solving local social issues to improve people's well-being.

Specific Initiatives

We introduce some of the social contribution activities of Group Companies.

Socail Action Programs of Domestic Group Companies

Dai-ichi Life's Social Contribution Activities

Public Health Award

Public Health Award

The Public Health Award was established in 1950 to honor the efforts of groups and individuals who make outstanding contributions in the field of public health and hygiene in Japan when hygiene deteriorated after the war. This annual award is supported by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare and other organizations. It has the longest history of social action programs of Dai-ichi Life. The 74st annual awards event was held in 2022.
Awards have been given to groups and individuals that continuously addressed challenges in each era, such as lifestyle disease control, welfare for the elderly and the disabled, and healthcare and disease control overseas. Ten groups and five individuals received awards in FY2022.
Over the years, 722 groups and 372 individuals have won-a total of 1,094 award winners.

Dai-ichi Life All Japan Elementary School Student Tournament Championship

Dai-ichi Life All Japan Elementary School Student Tournament Championship

We support the purpose of the Japan Tennis Association, which states that it is important to strengthen juniors in order to develop world-class players, and have been a special sponsor of this tournament since the first in 1983. In addition to this, we provide our own clay court (Sengawa, Tokyo) as the venue for the tournament. In 2022, these courts were renovated into the first outdoor red clay courts in Japan, further supporting the development of players.
Each summer, players learn the spirit, manners and gratitude of fair play through the tournament, which features heated matches. The 40th competition was held in 2022. Internationally active players such as Kei Nishikori and Misaki Doi have also participated.

City Green 3 Awards

To contribute to the creation of a green urban environment and community, we support the Urban Green 3 Awards (the Green Environmental Plans Award, the Green Cities Award, and the Competition for Specialized Greening Technology for Rooftops and Wall Facings).

Please refer to the link below for details of the initiative.
Environmental Contribution Activities

Promoting AED Training

Promoting AED Training

In Japan, 70,000 people die from sudden cardiac death every year.
Considering the situation, we provide AED training regularly, in which participants train on basic life support, including cardiopulmonary resuscitation and how to use the AED. Since 2018, we have provided AED training as part of new employee training. In the training, we educate the participants about the importance of basic life support and other courageous acts for cardiac arrest, which are conducted until the treatment by emergency personnel or doctors. As an entity engaged in the life insurance business, we will continue to promote AED training for employees and customers to help save as many lives as possible.

Social contribution activities belonging to the head office

To promote the improvement of sustainability, each department carries out social contribution activities with the purpose of "thinking about the significance and purpose of activities for solving social issues and engaging in social contribution activities." For all head office affiliations, we select one or more of the Group's important issues which contribute to the realization of SDGs and formulate themes and action plans that we want to work on to solve those social issues. Based on this, we are developing our own social contribution activities throughout the year.

Good health and well-being

■Good health and well-being

AED training, gold ribbon walking, health awareness efforts in collaboration with local communities and companies

Sustainable cities and communities

■Sustainable cities and communities

Dementia supporter course, cleaning activities / community beautification, support for people with disabilities

Climate action

■Climate action

Garbage separation, utilization of eco-bags and my bottles, eco-cap activities, electricity / paper reduction, clothing recycling, water sprinkling, food drive, tree planting / tree planting support

Social contribution activities at branch offices and sales offices

We are working to resolve regional issues while deepening cooperation with local governments, etc., in order to resolve the issues faced by each region where branch offices and sales offices nationwide are rooted. Specifically, recommended activities for health examinations in daily activities, watching over the elderly, activities to prevent special fraud, holding health awareness seminars in collaboration with the National Center, on-site lessons for life cycle games at schools, etc. We hold events that improve customer QOL. Through these, we aim to solve regional issues and needs that are close to the needs of each region of the country.

Social contribution activities at branch offices and sales offices
Social contribution activities at branch offices and sales offices


Art / cultural support activities

In the art field, we have been co-sponsoring the “VOCA Exhibition” since the first time (1994).
This is held at the Ueno Royal Museum for the purpose of fostering and supporting young artists under the age of 40 who have the potential to be internationally accepted in the field of flat art. This award has been awarded to the artists who are currently active, such as Miran Fukuda, Miwa Yanagi, and Mika Ninagawa. For this reason, it has been highly evaluated as a gateway to young artists. We have the works that won the VOCA Award (Grand Prize), and we regularly publish the works in the lobby on the 1st floor of the Hibiya head office and the “Daiichi Seimei Gallery” (Hibiya Headquarters). In addition, we are continuing to support by holding a solo exhibition of the award-winning artists at the gallery and providing a place to announce the production activities after the award. In the music field, we support “Certified NPO Triton Arts Network” based at Daiichi Seimei Hall (Harumi, Tokyo). Triton Arts plans and manages music performances at Daiichi Seimei Hall. In addition, Triton Arts carries out outreach activities to deliver high-quality music to children and people in welfare facilities who are difficult to visit the music hall on a daily basis.

Please refer to the link below for details of our efforts.
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The Foundation for the Advancement of Life & Insurance Around the World (FALIA)

The Foundation for the Advancement of Life & Insurance Around the World established by Dai-ichi Life holds training and seminars for foreign participants who are involved in the insurance business. It aims to make the philosophy of insurance more widely known, especially in Asian countries, and to contribute, even in a small way, to economic development and the enhancement of social security systems in the Asia region. In fiscal 2014, FALIA launched a new program “Essay Competition for international students in Japan” targeting students from emerging countries, to develop and educate human resources who will engage in insurance administration and business in the future.

Promotion of Financial Literacy Education
Promotion of Financial Literacy Education

The Dai-ichi Frontier Life Insurance Co., Ltd.

Quality education Partnerships for the goals

Dai-ichi Frontier Life provides opportunities for a wide range of generations to learn financial literacy through “Life Simulation Game: Frontier World” in cooperation with local governments, educational institutions, and financial institutions nationwide.
The game was developed by the company with the aim of educating about how to build assets and the importance of asset formation.
In February 2022, this initiative was selected for the Jury Excellence Award of the Commendation for Companies Promoting Youth Experience Activities sponsored by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.
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Supporting the Independence of People with Disabilities
Supporting the Independence of People with Disabilities

The Neo First Life Insurance Company, Limited

Reduced inequalities Sustainable cities and communities

Neo First Life supports the independence of people with disabilities by selling products handmade at welfare offices by people with disabilities within the company. In addition, the company collects used books, DVDs, etc. from employees and donates the proceeds from the sale to the Japan Red Cross Society.
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<Initiatives of Other Group Companies>
Asset Guardian

■Asset Guardian

Sustainable cities and communities

Asset Guardian provides the “Breastfeeding and Diaper Changing Space” in the branch of the insurance consulting shop operated by the company free of charge to local residents so that anyone can use it at any time, regardless of insurance consultation.

O.M.Building Management

■O.M.Building Management

Sustainable cities and communities

As one of the members of the NPO Midosuji Nagahori 21st Century Association, the Midosuji Roadside Landowner Liaison Council, and the District Maintenance Association, O.M.Building Management contributes to the revitalization of the city by becoming closer to community groups, participating in specific town development councils and conducting events and projects.

Sohgo Housing

■Sohgo Housing

Sustainable cities and communities

Sohgo Housing participates in the Shinagawa CSR Promotion Council and contributes to society through donations to the “Happy Table Project,” which Shinagawa ward provides food delivery support for single-parent families.
The company has also established the “Basic Environmental Policy” to help realize a sustainable society, and is working to preserve the environment by obtaining environmental certification for the company properties (CASBEE Real Estate, BELS).

Dai-ichi Life Challenged

■Dai-ichi Life Challenged

Reduced inequalities

Dai-ichi Life Challenged disseminates information, both within and outside the Group, on initiatives to employ people with disabilities, ideas to help them continue to work for a long time, and the role of management. In addition, the company helps promote the employment of people with disabilities by hosting tours and practical training for them, and by exchanging information and opinions among companies employing people with disabilities.

Social Action Programs of Group Companies Overseas

Contribution to Extending Healthy Life Expectancy

Contribution to Extending Healthy Life Expectancy


Good health and well-being Industry innovation and infrastructure

Protective Life Corporation partnered with the University of Alabama at Birmingham to establish the Protective Life Endowed Chair in Healthy Aging and the Healthy Aging & Research Acceleration & Innovation Fund, helping the company understand how people age and how they can live longer. Through this effort, Protective Life Corporation can support its customers, improve its products, and provide long-term value.
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Contribution to the Improvement of Health Conditions

Contribution to the Improvement of Health Conditions


Good health and well-being Partnerships for the goals

In FY21-22, TAL continued to engage with stakeholders on TAL's Mental Health White Paper and recommendations to help develop and shape mental health support across Australia. Created by TAL's Health Services Team, the white paper leverages the experiences and learnings from the life insurance industry, both locally and globally.
The company also launched the 'We Have You Covered' campaign, alongside other leading life insurers, to help Australia reach high rates of COVID-19 vaccination.The joint national initiative was designed to give Australians confidence that once vaccinated, their life insurance products would continue to protect and cover them.
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Support for Environmental Improvement in Rural Areas

Support for Environmental Improvement in Rural Areas

Dai-ichi Life Insurance Company of Vietnam, Limited.

Clean water and sanitation Sustainable cities and communities

Dai-ichi Life Vietnam provides teachers and students with clean water and safe toilets by building toilets and installing water filtration systems in schools in rural areas. This project was launched in 2011 as the industry's first project and continues to be the only one in the industry.
The company is also supporting the renovation of schools in rural areas and working to improve the learning environment for children.
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Support for Improvement of Children's Medical Services

Support for Improvement of Children's Medical Services

Dai-ichi Life Insurance (Cambodia) PLC.

No poverty Good health and well-being

To give rapid, reliable, and much needed medical services to sick children in remote provinces of Cambodia, Dai-ichi Life Cambodia donated to Japan Heart Children's Medical Center, a Japan-based international medical volunteer organization.
This donation supports surgery cost and mobile clinic activity. It has already saved 269 patients, 7 paediatric cancer patients and provided 19 mobile clinics over the last 3 years.
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Support for Child Development Center and Children's Education

Support for Child Development Center and Children's Education

Dai-ichi Life Myanmar

Good health and well-being Quality education

Dai-ichi Life Myanmar supports “Dream Train”, Child Development Center operated by Japan Heart Association, with donating supplies to ensure their well-being and taking several initiatives including providing learning programs such as financial literacy, business English and IT programing for their future career development.
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Support for Rural Development

Support for Rural Development

Star Union Dai-ichi Life Insurance

No poverty Quality education

Star Union Dai-ichi Life Insurance supports integrated rural development under its Corporate Social Responsibility Programme named Aatmanirbhar to drive holistic development in the villages to make them self-reliant in three to five years. This programme covers the areas of irrigation and allied activities (Project Dharti), education (Project Jeevandhara), health (Project Sanjeevani) and women empowerment (Project Shakti).
The company is also supporting Vivekanand Education Society's Institute of Technology (VESIT) in developing an ITeS- based system for maintenance & monitoring of Community and Public Toilets by the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai. Star Union Dai-ichi Life Insurance. Open a page in another window.

Support for Disaster Victims

Support for Disaster Victims

PaninDai-ichiLife By your side, for life

Good health and well-being Life on land

The highest mountain on Java island, Mount Semeru erupted and caused a volcanic disaster in 2021, detructed buildings and caused damage to surrounding community in Lumajang, East Java. As part of company social responsibility (CSR), Panin Dai-ichi Life participated in providing donation worth IDR 25 mio for the victims through The Insurance Council of Indonesia (DAI).

Support for Medical Professions

Support for Medical Professions


Good health and well-being Climate action

Ocean Life Insurance PCL. supports medical professions and the environment with PET To PPE Project by collaborating with partners, executives, and employees to donate over 50,000 plastic bottles to upcycle into 3,000 PPE suits in order to delivery to field hospitals and vaccination centers during the COVID-19 situation.
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[Reference] Status of Social Contribution Initiatives at Group Companies

The Dai-ichi Life Group engages in various social contribution activities at each company in order to realize the well-being of all people. The SDGs related to the social contribution activities undertaken by each company are listed below.

[Reference] Status of Social Contribution Initiatives at Group Companies