Dai-ichi Life Holdings

Internal Control over Financial Reporting

In accordance with the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, we have developed and implemented a system of internal control over financial reporting (ICoFR).
The ICoFR Policy for the Dai-ichi Life Group stipulates the basic stance and initiatives that ensure the appropriateness and reliability of consolidated financial reporting. Under this policy, we evaluate the effectiveness of internal control, such as important processes related to financial reporting and the system for preparing financial reports.
We prepare an internal control report, which verifies that our ICoFR is effective, and we submit this report together with the annual securities report. The internal control report is subject to an internal control audit by the accounting auditor.
The Dai-ichi Life Group accurately and appropriately prepares financial reports in compliance with the business accounting standards that are generally considered to be fair, such as the governing laws and regulations, generally accepted accounting principles and internal regulations.
And we are concerned to make tax payments in compliance with the relevant tax laws Open a page in modal window..
We will continue efforts to ensure the reliability of financial reporting going forward by evaluating the effectiveness of the internal control over financial reporting.