Dai-ichi Life Holdings

Internal Control

Dai-ichi Life has a Internal Control Policy that stipulates the core philosophies and implementation policies for internal control. The group internal control policy stipulates the core requirements for the establishment and operation of internal control to ensure the integrity and appropriate conduct of business activities at the Dai-ichi Life Group and to maintain and build corporate value.

Internal Control Policy for the Dai-ichi Life Group

  • System for Ensuring Proper Operations within the Group
  • System for Ensuring Execution of Professional Duties in Accordance with Applicable Laws, Regulations and the Articles of Incorporation
  • System for Risk Management
  • System for Ensuring Efficient Execution of Professional Duties
  • System for Ensuring Appropriateness and Reliability of Financial Reporting
  • System for Preserving and Managing Information Concerning Execution of Directors' and Executive Officers’ Duties
  • Systems for Ensuring Effective Internal Audits
  • Systems for the Execution of Duties of the Audit and Supervisory Committee

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