Message from the Group CEO

Tetsuya Kikuta
Group CEO
Dai-ichi Life Holdings, Inc.

To our valued stakeholders

As the newly appointed Group CEO of Dai-ichi Life Holdings, Inc., I would like to thank you for your continued support of the Dai-ichi Life Group.
Through contributing to the well-being of everyone in Japan and around the world, we will make every effort to grow into one of the top tier of global insurance groups in the nearest future. I am looking forward to addressing the challenges ahead together with all the team members of the Dai-ichi Life Group.

Our Group began as the first mutual company in Japan in 1902, then converted to a joint-stock company in 2010 and shifted to a holding company structure in 2016. We quickly became aware of social issues at the time and the environment surrounding our Group, and have taken the best action.
Under the current medium-term management plan "Re-connect 2023" which was launched in FY2021, in order to respond to increasingly complex social issues and the diversifying needs of customers, we have made steady efforts to broaden our wings through expanding our existing business while also exploring opportunities beyond insurance to acquire new organizational capabilities. We have also made steady efforts to evolve our corporate culture to "form stronger bonds" among all Group officers and employees.

On the other hand, even now, three years after the first case of COVID-19 was confirmed, it cannot be said that the effects of COVID-19 have been overcome. In addition, at present, the world is becoming increasingly difficult to predict, with the economic environment and geopolitical risks fluctuating greatly on a global scale. This is an era in which rapid and discontinuous changes occur on a global scale.
Against this backdrop, in order for the Group to further accelerate to increase corporate value and contribute to solving social issues, it is necessary to leverage the advantages of being a listed holding company to continue to further expand overseas businesses and new business domains for further growth, and at the same time to put the Domestic Life Insurance Business on a stable growth track by earning the support and trust of customers.
As a consequence of these strategies, we will transform from insurance business in a narrow sense into a new business service format that seamlessly provides four Experiential Values (Protection/Asset Formation and Succession/Health Promotion/Enhancing Connections).
Toward this future, we aim to achieve obvious enhancements in innovation, customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, and corporate value.
As part of these challenges, we will strongly promote digital transformation (DX) as the core of our strategy, and aim to raise the products and services we provide to the highest level in the industry at the global level. By achieving these, we hope to win even greater support and trust from our customers, and to constantly transform into a company with a free and open corporate culture in which our Group employees are continuously satisfied and proud to work in our Group.
As a result of these significant enhancements in innovation, customer satisfaction, and employee satisfaction, we believe that we can raise our corporate value to a level that ranks in the top tier of global insurance groups.

While these may seem difficult at first glance, we have been providing value that leads to bold business development and solutions to social issues by demonstrating our corporate DNA of "Spirit of Innovation" and "Pursue What's Best" since our founding.
We have also embarked on a variety of transformations under our current medium-term management plan "Re-connect 2023", including enhancing the value of our customers' experiences through the promotion of our CX design strategy*1, strengthening our business portfolio by expanding into nine overseas countries, and upgrading our capital circulation management*2. As a result, our domestic and overseas business foundations are becoming stronger, and diversification of our human resources with various strengths is also progressing.
In future business operations as well, we believe that we will be able to accelerate further transformation by inheriting the Group's unchanged values and by demonstrating synergies and outcomes exceeding expectations from interactions between human resources with diverse opinions and strengths.
I sincerely look forward to your continued support of the Dai-ichi Life Group, which will implement management with greater dynamism and speed than ever before.

  • *1
    The strategy to increase the number of fans of our Group and lead to sustainable growth by providing daily customer experiences (CX) and inspirations that exceed our customers' expectations through the delivery of Four Experiential Values (Protection/Asset Formation and Succession/Health Promotion/Enhancing Connections).
  • *2
    The approach to enhance corporate value through the favorable circulation of capital and cash obtained from business operation and released by risk reduction within the Group by reallocating capital to highly capital-efficient businesses and growth businesses while ensuring financial soundness.

April 1, 2023
Group CEO
Dai-ichi Life Holdings, Inc.
Tetsuya Kikuta