purpose and values purpose and values

Dai-ichi Life Group was founded in Japan in 1902.
Today, our business spans across the globe,
including Asia-Pacific and North America.
With a changing environment and diversifying values,
we envision a new future with our newly defined
Group Purpose (reason of our existence in society) and Values.


Partnering with you to build
a brighter and more secure future

There are as many lives as there are people in this world.
And there are as many forms of happiness as there are lives.

We want to support people who are trying
to overcome something or take on a challenge
to pursue each person's form of happiness.

We will help build a brighter future
for society, the Earth, and all our stakeholders.

We are committed to opening up
the possibilities of each individual's life
by going beyond the boundaries of life insurance and
by continuously innovating, keeping an eye on the future.

We can do this because Dai-ichi Life Group has
over one hundred years of track record
serving as people's lifetime partners.

Come, join us. Into the future.


We have defined new Values which all Group employees will
uphold to realize our Group's Purpose.

We care

We care for our customers, business partners, employees, and the communities and environment in which we operate.

We do what's right

We strive for excellence and aspire to enhance the quality of life for our customers and society. We do the right thing and take our responsibilities seriously.

We innovate

We use the diversity of our global experience to find bold and agile ways to solve problems and make a positive difference throughout our customers' lives.


By your side,
for life

Dai-ichi Life Group is committed to creating social value through our business activities and realize the Group's Purpose.