Framework for Responsible Investment

Responsible investment promotion system

After deliberation by the Responsible Investment Committee, which is dominated by outside members, we formulate policies regarding responsible investment, and report on particularly important matters to the Board of Directors and the Management Committee. In addition, we are promoting the efforts of the entire asset management department through progress follow-up and discussions at the Responsible Investment Conference, which is composed of business personnel. In addition to this, we are using the results of PRI's annual assessment to raise the level of our efforts based on global standards. Furthermore, from this year, we have newly established ESG analysts to carry out ESG analysis across assets, and are making further improvements.

Framework for Responsible Investment

Responsible Investment Committee System / Holding Results

The majority of outside experts have a wealth of expertise in management strategy, governance, ESG investment, etc., and the system is designed to reflect a wide range of outside opinions. In addition to outside experts, the officer in charge of compliance is added to the committee to deliberate and confirm important policies for responsible investment and the exercise of important voting rights from the perspective of managing conflicts of interest with life insurance contracts.

System of Responsible Investment : Our Responsible Investment Governance Committee
Initiatives to realize carbon neutral in our investment portfolio
ESG integration ESG-themed investment