Basic ESG Investment Policy

Our Vision

Dai-ichi Life, the core company of the Group, is a "universal owner" who manages approximately 36 trillion yen of funds entrusted to us by approximately 10 million contractors nationwide with a wide range of assets. Therefore, we recognize that it is necessary to manage assets with an awareness of various stakeholders. The life insurance business is an important task to protect the next generation as a bridge between the present and the future. Under these circumstances, we believe that our greatest stakeholders will be the next generation, and we recognize that it is our mission to make the future sustainable. Our mission is to be a "lifelong partner". We aim to obtain medium- to long-term investment returns and realize a sustainable society by promoting responsible investment (ESG investment and stewardship activities) as one of our important initiatives.

Basic ESG Investment Policy

In April 2020, we formulated and announced our basic ESG investment policy in order to commit to vigorously advancing ESG investment efforts toward the realization of a sustainable society in order to fulfill our fiduciary duty to our customers.

  • From a medium- to long-term standpoint as an asset owner of a wide range of assets, Dai-ichi Life has positioned ESG investment as a pillar of its asset management and aims to both generate investment returns and solve social issues.
  • To promote ESG investment in "the Dai-ichi Life way," the Company takes initiatives with a focus on "creating a positive impact" and "engagement."
Basic Policy on ESG Investments

For more information on Dai-ichi Life's ESG investment initiatives and promotion systems, please see the links below.
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