History of Contribution to Solving Social Issues

More Than 100 Years of History in Solving Social Issues

The history of the Dai-ichi Life Group is a history of contribution to solving social issues through the life insurance business and related services.
Since our founding, we have grown in a tandem with the development of Japan while solving social issues by offering peace of mind that matches the needs of people in each era.
In line with our mission "By your side, for life", all Group companies will continue to challenge solving social issues in Japan and overseas by providing new value in step with changes in the times.

  1. 1900s-

    Livelihood security becomes a social need when social infrastructure is underdeveloped


    The Dai-ichi Mutual Life Insurance Company established

    • Provides savings-based insurance products nationwide and supports nation's property accumulation
    The Dai-ichi Mutual Life Insurance Company established


    Hoseikai foundation established

    • Aims for the prevention and treatment of tuberculosis

    Challenge at that time <Measures against tuberculosis>
    ● Causes of death in 1935
    1. Tuberculosis
    2. Pneumonia, bronchitis
    3. Gastroenteritis

    Hoseikai foundation established
  2. 1950s-

    Urgent need to restore independence and develop infrastructure in a post-war reconstruction era

    • Provides protection-oriented products as a precaution and contributes to stabilizing household finances immediately after the war
    • Through investments and loans, supports infrastructure development and the growth of companies, which support reconstruction after the war


    Established the Public Health Award

    • Establishes the Public Health Award, honoring efforts of groups and individuals who make outstanding contributions in the field of public health and hygiene
    Established the Public Health Award


    Established The Cardiovascular Institute

    • Contributes to reactions against cardiovascular disease and cancer

    Challenge at that time: <Measures against cardiovascular disease>
    ● Causes of death in 1959
    1. Cerebrovascular disease
    2. Cancer
    3. Heart disease


    Establishes the Life Design Research Institute (currently Dai-ichi Life Research Institute Inc.)

    • Conducts research on health, healthcare and life plans
  3. 1990s-

    Aging society and diversifying protection needs

    • Provides preparation for healthcare, nursing care and old age as well as death coverage
    • Contributes to a variety of life plans by providing proposals and follow-ups based on a unique Total Life Plan concept
    Aging society and diversifying protection needs Aging society and diversifying protection needs


    Establishes Dai-ichi Life Well Life Support (currently Dai-ichi Life Research Institute Inc.)

  4. 2000s-

    Emergence of new customer needs and social issues due to the diversification of values and advances in science and technology


    Commences cooperation with national centers

    Challenge at that time <Measures against three major diseases>
    ● Cause of death in 2017
    1. Cancer
    2. Heart disease
    3. Cerebrovascular disease

    • National Cancer Center Japan
    • National Cerebral and Cardiovascular Center
    • National Center for Geriatrics and Gerontology
    • National Center for Child Health and Development
    • National Center for Global Health and Medicine
    • National Center of Neurology and Psychiatry


    Received the "Japan Management Quality Award"


    "The Dai-ichi Frontier Life Insurance" opened


    Established "DSR Charter" as a principle of corporate behavior


    Make "Sompo Japan DIY Life Insurance" (Current "Neo First Life Insurance") a wholly owned subsidiary


    Announcement of medium-term management plan "CONNECT 2020"

    • Contributing to improving people's QOL by providing a variety of products and services that utilize the evolution of science and technology
    CONNECT 2020
  5. 2020s-

    Due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, people's values and social systems have changed significantly. Harmony with society and environment is also an urgent task

    • While rapidly advancing digital support, shift management values from quantity to quality and promote efforts to improve CX
    • Promote efforts toward the realization of a sustainable society, such as joining various domestic and international initiatives


    "Dai-ichi Smart Small Amount Short Term Insurance" starts business

    Dai-ichi Smart Small Amount Short Term Insurance starts business


    Announcement of medium-term management plan "Re-connect 2023"

    • Expand business domain to four experience values (guarantee, asset formation / succession, health / medical care, connection / bond)