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Sustainable Value Creation

Value Creation Process

Fulfilling our mission "By your side, for life," the Dai-ichi Life Group will keep on resolving new social issues through improvement of quality of life of people. By mobilizing our Group's capabilities and spreading globally the value creation based on our philosophy, we will expand our growth potential and sustainability.

Value Creation Process

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DSR Management

~The Dai-ichi Life Group's Value Creation Management~

Challenge to sustainable value creation

"DSR management" * is a unique management framework for practicing the value creation model of the Dai-ichi Life Group.
In 1998, Dai-ichi Life launched Business Quality Improvement Activities that were expected to enhance the quality of operations from customers' diverse points of view and in 2001 became the first financial institution to receive the Japan Quality Award.
Even after the awards, we have evolved Business Quality Improvement Activities into CSR management along with the evolution of efforts. In addition, we have evolved CSR management into DSR management in order to further demonstrate our unique strengths by taking the opportunity to new foundation as listed company. We have consistently worked on DSR management even if the top management is changed.
As a result of continuing such activities, In the Dai-ichi Life Group, every one of our employees becomes an organization that aims for the best for various customers and other stakeholders, and makes ingenuity and constant efforts.
In addition, as a place for sharing and honoring best practices of "DSR management", the "DSR Convention" is held once a year, and representatives from domestic and overseas group companies are participating. By sharing and utilizing best practices, we have been generating synergies throughout the Group and accelerate the growth of the Dai-ichi Life Group.
We will continue to realize sustainable value creation through the practice of "DSR management" from now on.

* "DSR" stands for "Dai-ichi's Social Responsibility".

1998-Business Quality Improvement Activities 2001 Received the Japan Quality Award 2005-CSR Management (Improvement of the Corporate Brand) 2010 New Foundation/demutualization and listing of shares 2011-DSRManagement DSR DAI-ICHI'S SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY
Each employee supports DSR management
Share and recognize favorable examples of DSR (DSR Convention)