Dai-ichi Life Holdings

Material Issues

Selection of Material Issues

The life insurance business that the Dai-ichi Life Group performs is the business with high levels of public and social responsibilities for playing a role of complementing the social security system. AT the same time, it is expected to maintain stable growth with its flexible actions against various business-environmental changes. To meet these expectations and demands, we have now identified four material issues through intensive dialogues with stakeholders, keeping the Group's growth strategy and business activities, and management resources for supporting such strategy and resources, and the relationships with local communities in mind. These four material issues are essential for enabling us to take cross-departmental perspectives throughout the Group’s business activities, and to perform our growth strategy by taking full advantage of Group synergy.

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Material Issues of the Dai-ichi Life Group

Specific initiatives related to material issues to the Dai-ichi Life Group are introduced.

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