Third Party Comments

Third Party Comments on Dai-ichi Life Holdings Sustainability Report 2020

President & CEO, SDG Partners, Inc. Mr.Kazuo Tase

President & CEO, SDG Partners, Inc.

Mr.Kazuo Tase

SDG Partners

It was established in September 2017 as a consulting firm specializing in sustainability. By "connecting" various actors such as companies, governments, local governments, international organizations, NGOs, academia, and youth, we are pursuing the form of human well-being that the SDGs aim for. Open a page in another window.

Comment for the Dai-ichi Life Holdings Sustainability Report 2020

Currently, the term SX (Sustainability Transformation) is being discussed along with DX (Digital Transformation) as a necessary element for medium- to long-term growth in terms of both quality and quantity of a company. And in the process of SX, the fundamental idea and change of "incorporating and integrating sustainability into management" is required beyond simply "working on sustainability". I would like to evaluate that the Dai-ichi Life Holdings Sustainability Report 2020 released this time is at the entrance to SX in that it clarified the position of sustainability in medium- to long-term management issues.

The first point that can be highly evaluated is that President Inagaki's top message is clear and powerful, and the unique "Four Values Provided" that are not commonplace and the idea of customer QOL that should be realized by it are stated. The point is that it is logically stated how this way of thinking leads to the solution of social issues and the creation of social value.
And more importantly, the entire report and individual sections are developed with a logic that is consistent with the message at the top, extending and strengthening that message.
I feel that this is the reason why this report as a whole is soulful and "transmitted".

Secondly, it can be seen that the elements and contents of the concrete measures that make up the measures meet sufficient standards, and that they are carried out based on firm policies and plans. It can be seen that individual activities are derived from the awareness of the issues of what is necessary for the community and what the Dai-ichi Life Group can do, rather than simply doing what the traditional social contribution activities have come up with. The latter parts, such as human rights policy, diversity and inclusion (D&I), human resource development, trading practices, and climate change initiatives, fully meet the high demands of the current international debate on ESG investment. Furthermore, the Dai-ichi Life Group has two aspects, one is a business company for customers and the other is an investor for companies, and the awareness of issues regarding sustainability as an investment institution is clearly stated.

On the other hand, what do you expect from future reports? Perhaps one is the ultra-long-term vision of what kind of society we want to create for a concrete future in which our children will be active, although it is a little far away, such as 2050 and 2070. It may be a perspective that defines the role that the company should play in the future society, backcasts from it, and identifies the issues for the next 10 years. The image of the "society we want to realize" is already clear in the message of President Inagaki. In addition to this, rapid social changes are expected. For example, various factors such as the progress of biotechnology including IoT, AI, and genetic technology, the world population of over 10 billion and the grain shortage that accompanies it, and the loss of biodiversity due to climate change will occur. Taking these factors into consideration, how can the great leverage of the Dai-ichi Life Group for people create a future society?

The other is that wonderful employees are playing an active role through wonderful activities, so please take a bigger picture of the message from the employees, lively facial expressions, details of the activities and how to solve the problems every day. The point is that it may be possible to convey the amount of information that is approaching, using the raw voice of being able to do it. For a company, the products, services, and information dissemination are the performances of the theater company, while the activities of employees are the so-called "behind the scenes" that support them. In the sustainability report, not only the sustainability activities themselves, but also the efforts of the employees who sustainably support the activities of the company, including these activities, cannot be overemphasized.

In any case, I am pleased that Dai-ichi Life Group has compiled a very high quality report. And I am confident that the Dai-ichi Life Group's approach to sustainability and activities will be strengthened with even greater activities next year and beyond.

Response to the Third Party Comments

Corporate Planning Unit Dai-ichi's Social Responsibility Promotion Group Line Manager Daisuke Oomura Corporate Planning Unit
Dai-ichi's Social Responsibility
Promotion Group Line Manager
Daisuke Oomura

We would like to thank Mr. Tase for his valuable opinions regarding the Group's sustainability report and our efforts for sustainability. Mr. Tase understood the improvement of customer's QOL or contribution to solving social issues through the four experience values of "guarantee," "asset formation," "health promotion," and "connection / bond" that the Group aims for. In addition, we received deep understanding of the Group's efforts for sustainable growth beyond that, and received advice from a long-term perspective.

The process of formulating a vision for a society that we want to achieve from an ultra-long-term perspective, defining the role that the Group should play in that future society, and identifying issues for the next 10 years is exactly what the Group should tackle.

In response to climate change issues, in March 2021, Dai-ichi Life, a core group company, joined the Net Zero Asset Owner Alliance, an international initiative for institutional investors.
This initiative aims for participants to move to a portfolio with virtually zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.
At the same time, as an operating company, we have just begun efforts with the goal of reducing CO2 emissions of the entire Group by 100% compared to FY2019. We will continue to develop initiatives other than the above toward the realization of a sustainable society in the future.
Next, regarding the point of disseminating the activities of our group employees more vividly, I would like to give my opinion. Our group aims to shine diverse personalities and demonstrate synergies in value creation by having approximately 70,000 employees in Japan and overseas "respect together, learn together, and grow together." We will continue to consider ways to disseminate such lively activities of employees to everyone.

We have been making efforts to deal with sustainability issues, but we will further strengthen this in the new medium-term management plan from April 2021 to solve various social issues.
We will work towards it. Based on the opinions received this time, we will continue to hold dialogues with stakeholders and accelerate efforts toward a sustainable society so that we can fulfill our mission as a " By your side, for life" in the future.