Message from the President on Sustainability

Dai-ichi Life Group aims to contribute to people's happiness and the resolution of social issues complementing social security. We will continue initiatives that are truly necessary for a better future.

Dai-ichi Life Group's Mission and Approach to Sustainability

Tsuneta Yano, founder of Dai-ichi Life, said "Consider whether people will be pleased with what we do or find it unnecessary. Work that people find useful and convenient is bound to have its value recognized, and people will greatly nurture that work. That is precisely why work is a something that we do for the sake of people."Having inherited that DNA from Yano, the Group has grown along with the development of Japan by delivering peace of mind that complies with the needs of people in the prevailing era and pursuing the resolution of social issues throughout its history of over a century.
The Group will mark its 120th anniversary in 2022. As we head into the future, we will continue contributing to the wellbeing of all people delivering peace of mind across generations and fulfilling and healthy lives. It reflects the basic concept of life insurance business as being "mutual help" that we aim to realize through harmony with all of our stakeholders. Moreover, we would like to contribute to the well-being of all through framework of mutual aid not being limited by conventional life insurance policy holders.
In addition to economic protection during illness or disability, life insurance business serves as a bridge connecting current and future generations by accepting policyholders insurance premiums and passing those assets to remaining family, children and grandchildren. In other words, being in close to customers and the community over the long-term as their partner for life through life insurance to realize the wellbeing of future generations could also be called our mission.
However, in recent years, the sustainability of society itself is being questioned amid the increase of natural disasters due to global warming and the spreading of COVID-19. Building easy-to-live society where people can reside with peace of mind rather than leaving issue of global warming or a world where hunger is prevalent to future generations is a critical issue. Therefore, we came to the conclusion that the realization of the well-being of all, including the future generations, is only possible in a sustainable society. We will therefore position the realization of sustainability as the overarching foundation of our business operations, and also tackle serious social issues to ensure the sustainability of communities addressing not only climate change but also respecting the human rights and diversity of all people at an even greater level.
As a "lifelong partner," based on our mission of connecting current and future generations, we will contribute to the realization of a sustainable and resilient society through insurance products and services as an insurer and managing policyholders assets as an institutional investor.