We, the Dai-ichi Life Group, continue to take on the challenge to build a brighter and more secure future with the spirit of “By your side, for life”.
And this is supported by our strength: our people. They care for our stakeholders and pursue the best for them while continuing to innovate. It is only through the efforts of our people across the Dai-ichi Life Group that we can get closer to the world we aspire to.
Based on this belief, we are strengthening our efforts to develop a path forward together with our colleagues in overseas group companies in addition to domestic group companies. We understand and respect the uniqueness of each group company, and at the same time, we share best practices and knowledge with each other to create an environment where diverse human resources can grow and actively contribute to the creation of value for the group, regardless of gender, age, background, or nationality. As part of these efforts, we held discussions with group companies around the world and established the Dai-ichi Life Group Employee Philosophy Statement. It describes how we provide opportunities and challenges to our employees around the world, regardless of country or company, and how our employees' growth enhances the value of the group, and how the company and employees grow and improve together.

Dai-ichi Life Group Employee Philosophy Statement

Growth is not a solo endeavour.
As over 100 years of experience has taught us,
growth comes from belonging to something bigger than ourselves.
At Dai-ichi Life Group, we are by your side, growing with you.
Challenging you. Supporting you to prosper.
Protecting the well-being of all, now and for the future.
Wherever you are with us, and wherever you go in our group,
we work together to open up a world of opportunities.

We create an environment where you are challenged to grow, prosper, and embrace new possibilities, as you continue to develop new skills and aspirations.
We protect you, our customers, communities, and each other, not simply now but also for the future.
We value the diversity of our people and create an environment where you are respected, heard, and able to make a difference.
We believe that being safe, well and supported at work creates an environment where you feel energised, encouraged, and supported.

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