Our Commitment to

Realizing the well-being of all, and into the future
Reimagining happinessReimagining happiness
How can we contribute to people's happiness?

While happiness may differ from person to person we believe that leading life in good health and being true to yourself is a common source of happiness.

We also believe that protecting one's valuables and preparing for the future so that one can live with peace of mind is an important element of happiness. Based on such standpoint, the Dai-ichi Life Group can play a role in making people happy. For over 100 years, the Group has been helping people prepare for and deal with unlikely and unexpected life events.
Going forward, we want to contribute even more to the happiness of all by helping them maintain financial security, good health, and stable relationships throughout their lives.
We want to stand by our customers in any situation, and make sure that the Group upholds this obligation over next 100 years.

Our new resolveOur new resolve

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, many things that had been taken for granted are no longer so. Now individuals and families are concerned about their health and living expenses more than ever. The bonds between people have changed and become fragmented.
Meanwhile, the global environment, on which our future depends, is being damaged day by day.

While staying a step ahead of these trends, all of us in the Dai-ichi Life Group are committed to changing for the better, having reflected on the relationship with our customers following a number of serious incidents of fraud occurred in recent years... the Group's management is shifting its focus from getting results to improving quality. We will explore new ways to support our customers and contribute to their happiness. And also help alleviate people's worries and create a brighter future for everyone. We will continue enhancing connections with all our stakeholders and make progress together in the years ahead.

Contributing to the well-being of all and achieving a bright future in harmony with society in Japan and countries and regions around the world.

In 2022, the Group will celebrate 120 years since its founding. We hope to continue contributing to the well-being of all, including future generations, to enable them to lead healthy and prosperous lives with peace of mind. To this end, we will stand by our customers' side even more than in the past by expanding our business in four domains of experiential values (protection, asset formation/succession, health and medical care and enhancing connections).
Our goal of well-being of all will be achieved first and foremost through a sustainable society. In recent years we have increased our efforts toward material issues related to ensuring local and social sustainability and have made achieving a sustainable society as a core part of our business operations.

  • Protect and improve the well-being of all

    As a lifetime partner, we safeguard and contribute to the peace of mind, prosperity and wellness of all the people we serve.

Our activities aiming to achieve well-being

Well-being of All
(Including Future Generations)
Materiality in Four Experiential Values
  • Livelihood Stability through Insurance
  • Sense of Security in Later Life
  • Promote Health for All
  • Building a Safe and Secure Community
  • Optimal Experiential Values that Meet Customer Needs
Achieving a Sustainable Society over the Next 100 Years
Materiality in Sustainability of Society
  • Improving Corporate Governance and Risk Management
    Responding to Climate Change
  • Respecting Human Rights for All
    Creating Technology that Offers Reassurance
  • Improving Efficiency of Energy Use
    Empowerment of Women
  • Promoting Clean Energy
    Creating Job Satisfaction Regional Development
  • Contributing to Society through Responsible Investment and Lending
Value Creation Process

Dai-ichi Life Group hopes to continue contributing to the well-being of all people into the future, regardless of generation, to enable them to lead healthy and prosperous lives with peace of mind. To this end, we will apply our collective strengths to creating four experiential values and ensuring local and societal sustainability through its business.

Well-being of all, including future generations

By further developing the concept of improving QOL, we are taking on the challenge to improve well-being by offering four types of experiential values, namely protection, asset formation/succession, health and medical care, and enhancing connections.

CX Design Strategy

We will proceed to deliver four types of experiential values and enhancing connections, to address increasingly prominent social issues.

Achieving a sustainable society over the next 100 years, which is an essential for realizing the well-being of all

The well-being that the Group pursues is the realization of well-being for all people, including future generations, as well as those who live today.
Therefore, we believe that ensuring the sustainability of the world in harmony with society and the global environment is a major overarching premise for our business for many years to come.
Based on this idea, in the new medium-term management plan "Re-connect 2023", we position "realization of a sustainable society" as the foundation of the Group's business operations, and will address our materiality related to ensuring the sustainability of society and the global environment.

Items of DSR Charter

In April 2011, the Group established the "Dai-ichi's Social Responsibility Charter," or DSR charter, to serve as its corporate conduct principles for continuing to meet the expectations of its customers, the community and all of its other stakeholders.
Each of us will fulfill our social responsibility as we continue to create value in a way that only the Group can with a view to "realizing sustainability," the overarching premise of our business operation.